Dead Avril Lavigne

21 Nov

Dead Avril Lavigne for Halloween 2007.

Since I reached some semblance of puberty, people have been telling me I look like Avril Lavigne. I’m not quite sure why, except that we both have a strong affinity for eyeliner. The similarities pretty much end there since I know that you can’t spell words with the number 8.

Look ma,  I don’t know how to use a hair net yet.

So for Halloween I decided to use this to my advantage and be a dead Avril Lavigne. Because the only good Avril Lavigne is a dead Avril Lavigne. The costume itself is pretty straightforward and not my craftiest costume. I just took all my the clothes I normally wouldn’t wear together, put them on, covered myself in blood and slapped on a cheap blonde wig that I hand dyed a pink streak in.

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