21 Nov

Moonglow from “Rainbow Brite” for Halloween 2010.

The most time consuming costume I have made thus far was my Moonglow costume. I sewed, painted, and constructed everything myself, including the dress. It is also my nicest and most well constructed outfit to date. And I love how it turned out.

For my interview with Rainbow Brite UK about this costume, please go HERE.

The costume inspiration.

Moonglow, who is good friends with Rainbow Brite has control over the moon and the stars in the sky with the help of her faithful Sprite. I fell in love with her outfit solely because I am a purple person who grew up on 80’s cartoons.

The wig plus my kitty Jameson.

It was almost impossible to find a blue wig with purple streaks, so I bought a blue wig and added the purple streaks with spray on hair dye myself.

The headband.

It barely shows up in any of the Halloween photos because it disappeared into the wig, but I made a headband. It was a plain black headband that I painted purple, and glued a red foam crescent moon onto.

The top.

While Moonglow wears a dress, I was having difficulty making a one piece outfit, so I made two. I sewed the flutter sleeves which I painted blue crescents on, onto a light purple tank top which I then attached the main dark purple fabric to. The fabric wasn’t stretchy, so the back I attached together using sew on velcro. The square neck is made with white fabric sewn in, and dots that I painted on myself.

The skirt and belt.

The belt I constructed out of blue ribbon and glued a light purple foam crescent moon onto. The skirt is a two layer circle skirt with one layer of purple fabric and a top layer of light purple tulle. I sprayed the top layer with glitter spray paint to make it sparkle. Finally, I bought a white crinoline to wear underneath to make the circle skirt extra fluffy. In the end I sewed the belt onto the skirt and used more velcro to hold the skirt onto my waist. Sadly, most of the glitter fell off by the time I was able to get a picture with the costume all together.

The wrist gauntlets.

These were the most fun to make. I took the same blue ribbon I used to make the belt and sewed elastic onto the backs of it to give it a crimped/wavy effect. I then sewed this onto the same purple fabric used to make the skirt and the top. Finally, I sewed velcro onto them to attach them to my wrists, and glued a red foam crescent moon onto each one.

The wand.

This is the second wand I made, because the first topper looked small and sad. I bought a wooden dowel and a wooden bead which I painted blue. The moon and the star I made out of coloured foam, which I glued coloured ribbon in between to hold the whole thing together. The most difficult part was shaving down the top of the dowel so the foam moon wouldn’t look awkward perched on top of it.

The boots.

The best idea I had for this costume definitely came in the form of the boots. Everything I had found online involved making boot covers, but I didn’t like the overall effect they gave, so I bought a pair of snow boots that I found online and painted them. I glossed them enough to the point where they didn’t crack immediately, but I did have to paint them anew for each Halloween party we went to. The second day, after I lost the foam boot clasps I made, I painted them on rather than cutting out and gluing more onto the boots.

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3 Responses to “Moonglow”

  1. Rainbow Brite.Co.Uk July 2, 2011 at 7:33 pm #

    You look fabulous! It is rare you see a Rainbow Brite costume from the new line, but I love yours. Would you consider being featured on our website? Please contact us if you do!
    We look forward to hearing from you!

    • Cassie-la July 2, 2011 at 11:28 pm #

      Just sent back a response email. Thank you for the opportunity!


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    [...] matched our purple ornaments. It wasn’t getting any use, so I decided to refashion my old Moonglow skirt from Halloween. What is a tree skirt but a skirt for a [...]

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