Purple Pony Glitter Party

30 Jan

The Exclusives celebrate in style. That style is decidedly purple.

For my 24th birthday party, I threw an impromptu theme party together in less than a week. I advertised this small get together as a Purple Pony Glitter Party, emphasis on the purple. Mostly because I could find a lot of purple things, some pony things, and only a few glitter things. It was my goal to make everything as purple as possible, from the food to the drinks to the clothing and decorations. The party guests were asked to wear purple and they did not disappoint, showing up in purple shirts, skirts, and wearing purple eyeshadow with purple painted nails.

The Pony Party beer labels.

One of the biggest hurdles was figuring out how to make our beer purple. I was opposed to just dying it with food colouring because I didn’t want the guests to have to dye their own beer, nor did I want to continually dye it for them. So at midnight, which is when my best out of the box thinking happens I thought to create my own. I googled  beer label templates, and used PhotoShop to make said labels purple, added a photo from “Lemony Snicket: the Unauthorized Autobiography” added some text that said: The Pony Party! and voila, purple pony beer labels.

The beers, all finished and relabeled.

Thanks to my amazing boyfriend, who painstakingly scraped each and every Yuengling label off the 24 pack we bought, I could then attach the new labels with double sided tape. In an hour we had produced enough purple pony beer for a party of eight.

The artistic shot.

At some point in the evening Kenny took this artistic shot of our pony beer, using the tank of our leopard gecko Lyle Lyle Crocodile as a backdrop.

Purple Haze Martini.

This recipe called for 1.5 parts Hpnotiq, 1.5 parts pineapple juice, and 1 part cranberry juice. When I put in the Hpnotiq it was bright blue. Adding the pineapple juice made it green. And adding the cranberry juice made it red. So I put two drops of blue food colouring in and it was magically purple. Of course I had to drink it out of my $1 Walgreens glass.

Purple velvet cupcake batter.

I used a blue velvet cupcake recipe I found online and added red food colouring to it to make purple velvet cupcakes. It was extremely difficult to take pictures of the batter without it looking disgustingly grey. This was my best attempt.

Purple velvet cupcakes cooked.

When they came out of the oven they were tinged slightly purple, but were starting to look more brown as they cooled, probably because of the cocoa powder. So they started out looking grayish, and turned brown. I began to worry very quickly.

Purple velvet cupcakes iced.

Thankfully, that is what purple icing is for. So I put some red and blue food colouring into cream cheese frosting to make it a lilac colour, and sprinkled them with purple sugar sprinkles.

Purple velvet cupcakes unwrapped.

Once the wrapper was peeled off, the cupcakes looked decidedly more purple. It definitely did not hide the cocoa powder completely though.

Purple velvet cupcakes inside.

Thankfully, all worked out well, even though I had to substitute apple cider vinegar for vinegar and all purpose flour for cake flour. They were even purple on the inside, which is what I was most worried about NOT happening.

The party table.

The cashier at Party City did not seem at all concerned that I was buying all purple and pony things. I’m sure this wasn’t the strangest gathering of stuff she’d ever seen before. But it turned out just as I wanted it to! Even if I had to give up and serve some non-purple things.

Pony things.

The few pony things I did find were My Little Pony napkins and a My Little Pony table standee. They sadly did not have any other pony utensils or plates as their website led me to believe.

Party favours.

I figured if people didn’t already own purple things I would provide my own. These included purple beads, purple glow sticks, purple bubbles, purple hair dye, and My Little Pony bubble necklaces.

More purple food.

The purple M&Ms and the bluish purple tortilla chips were easy, it was trying to get purple dip that was difficult. I tried dying some spinach dip purple with food colouring, but it ended up looking so foul and inedible that we ran to the store and bought normal, non-disgusting salsa instead.

More of the purple velvet cupcakes.

I had bought some candles, purple of course, that claimed they would sparkle and spew glitter as they burned down. As everyone was singing, “I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts” rather than “Happy Birthday” because I despise that song, it proved that the packaging had lied to me.

Purple Halloween lights.

In addition to all the various purple things I bought, I already owned these black lights, which I had strung above our bookshelves. They fit in perfectly.

Purple waffles with purple whipped cream and blackberries.

Beside all the purple desserts and snacks, we also made purple waffle batter and had a make your own waffle bar. I had bought purple spray dye to make the whipped cream purple, but it had an unfortunate aerosol smell to it. Thankfully it didn’t alter the taste of the waffles too much.

Purple waffles with purple M&Ms.

Cait purpled up the waffles with candy. I’m sad I didn’t get a picture of the inside of the waffles, which were decidedly more purple since they had no reason to brown like the outsides did. You can kind of see it on the edges of the waffles when they were ripped into quarters.

Purple pony tattoo.

I wore a lot of purple. From my purple nail polish, my purple eyeshadow, my purple tights, purple shirt, purple jacket, purple shoes, and even my purple pony tattoo!

Purple dinosaur.

I also imitated Barney the purple dinosaur. Complete with a glittery purple Birthday Princess sash.

The purple sisters.

Pokey and Cassie-wa drink their Purple Haze martinis while simultaneously being confused about the Christmas tree being up almost a month after Christmas. Well, it was up partly because we’re lazy, partly because my mother wanted to see it, and partly because it was both purple and glittery.

Jameson and her father.

I tried dressing up my dog and kitten in purple bows, but as you can imagine the bow only lasted the length of this picture. Once the flash went off Jameson immediately turned into one pissed off kitty.

Overall, the party was a wonderful success, despite my inability to serve all purple food or find anything remotely glittery. Purple headaches were had by most, and purple penises were drawn on some. All in all a successful birthday!

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