Star Wars Christmas Tree Skirt

15 Dec

Star Wars Christmas Tree Skirt.

Since we can’t put Christmas presents under our tree due to a feisty cat named Jameson who likes tearing into wrapping paper, we needed an alternative to cover a bulky tree stand. Luckily I had an extra circle skirt laying around that matched our purple ornaments. It wasn’t getting any use, so I decided to refashion my old Moonglow skirt from Halloween. What is a tree skirt but a skirt for a tree?

The emblems: Rebel Alliance, Jedi Order, Sith Empire, and Galactic Empire.

The most difficult part of redesigning the circle skirt was figuring out what to decorate it with. Our apartment has quite a few Star Wars touches around it, so I decided to pull that into the skirt and give it some more personality. These are the patterns I created, two from the light side and two from the dark side. When the skirt is under the tree it literally has a dark side (left) and light side (right.

Close-up of tree skirt.

Our black Christmas tree has a distinct color scheme of purple, teal, and silver, so I knew the skirt needed to be purple. I still wanted to man it up a little bit for my fiance though, so I added a black star pattern to break up the purple. It also worked well with the Star Wars theme. Since the interior diameter was too wide for a tree (remember I wore this as a skirt once) I need to make a smaller circle to fill in this gap. Hence the double skirt effect. Finally, I traced the emblems onto white glitter felt and attached them to the skirt.

The under the tree shot.

This is the finished look, complete with batting on the underside to make the skirt thicker and more durable. I’m kind of in love with it.

After having been retweeted by Star Wars crafter Bonnie Burton, people have been asking me about if I plan to make more and sell these. The answer is yes, I AM CURRENTLY taking commissions and making fully customizable tree skirts for the Christmas season! They are being sold in my Etsy shop: Glitterpocalypse. These customized skirts can be found below.

Customized Star Wars Christmas Tree Skirt for Tracey.

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