Pet Stockings

23 Dec

Pet stockings in all their felty glory.

I used to have really cute mini stockings for our dog and cat (they were once gift card holders in the shape of stockings my sister found at CVS), but unfortunately our leopard gecko was left out of the equation. Poor Lyle! So with a little felt and a lot of hot glue, I bought $3 mini-stockings on sale at Michael’s and set to work making personalized stockings for all the beasties.

Stocking for Lyle Lyle Crocodile the leopard gecko.

This little guy was the easiest and the most rewarding to create in felt. Mostly because he only required two colors of felt and a marker. It also helps that he has a great smile. I must admit though I took some creative liberty with the spots and his size in relation to our other pets. I wish this were to actual size! See the non felt Lyle HERE.

Stocking for Boxcar the pappy pom mix.

The hardest to craft was Boxcar because well, he’s just so damn black and fluffy. I had to add in some dark brown for the nose and pink for the ears so he would show up  at all. He turned out more cartoony (yup, that’s a word now) than Lyle, but I like it for what it is. If they were to make an animated cartoon about Boxcar, this is how he would be depicted. See the non felt Boxcar HERE.

Stocking for Jameson the tortoise shell cat.

 At first I couldn’t get Jameson to look anything like Jameson, and I realized why. Besides her ridiculous coloring as a tortoise shell, I had given her a smiley face. And Jameson as a cat is grumpy ALL THE TIME! The answer was simply: angry eyebrows. Voila, instant Jameson. See the non felt Jameson HERE.

The stockings all hung under the diploma with care.

Our apartment does not have a fireplace, and that is the only place I know where stockings belong in a traditional sense. Since however we already had naughty postcards hanging up complete with thumbtacks I figured why not. Three thumbtacks, three stocking right by where we hang our Christmas wreath. It was definitely meant to be. =)

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