Cassie Wedding Photo
Insomniatic perfectionist with an affinity for dinosaurs and a love for all things cute and cuddly. Bibliophile. Devoted Slytherin.

Cassandra Rose is a writer and an avid bibliophile with a B.A. from Rutgers University in English and Medieval Studies. She has written/writes for numerous online publications, including (but definitely not limited to): Bibliomantics, PopCrush, Quirk Books, Rickey, StarCrush, TopMoving.ca and Ultimate Classic Rock. She currently lives in New Jersey where she was raised on a steady diet of Mel Brooks, British comedies and pop culture.

red states, patchouli, spiders, Orlando Bloom, unnecessary patriotism, bug bites, closet monsters, uneven shoelaces, green tea ice-cream, poison ivy, stuff that tastes like toothpaste, guinea pigs

Name: Cassandra
Nicknames: Cassie, Cujo, Red
Sex: female
Age: mid-twenties going on self-perceived immortality
Location: Piscataway, New Jersey
Political Stance: Slytherin Dinosaurs for Voldemort
Religion: non-practicing Jewish Agnostic


What the hell does Fli Brish mean?
“Sheep Sacrifice” in Orcish. Hence the old (very old) tagline, “Where sheep sacrifices are an everyday occurrence”. Trust me, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

And for that matter, what’s a yrch monger?
A yrch is an Orc (in Elvish) and monger means to peddle/sell wares. As in, “Old Gobbo was a fishmonger”… or something like that. Hence, an Orc Monger. Again, it seemed oh so clever and witty at the time. Now it’s just rather embarrassing.

Who does your layouts?
I used to! But I grew lazy, and now WordPress provides all the code and I just alter it to my liking.

Wow, so you drew that header? You are so amazingly talented.
I said I did the layout, I didn’t say I drew the header. My lovely fellow MSTer Luthien did! (I did Photoshop it though if that counts.)

Your layout sucks. Are your older ones better?
Not by much. You can check them out below all this crap if you care to though.

Why don’t your version numbers make any sense?
They sound pretty. They don’t have to make sense.

Why am I even asking you these questions?
You’re not. I typed them out and answered them myself.

Do you realise how pathetic that sounds?
Yes. Yes I do.

::Version 3.1 :: Snikty-Snikty-Snoich::

::Version 4.8 :: Curiouser and Curiouser::

::Version 5.2 :: Olde Time Nerdery::

::Version 6.6.6 :: Creature Feature::

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